The Perfect Natural Loaf

From Mill to Hearth

Respecting his vision to put truly artisanal bread back on the gastronomic table, Chef Eric Frechon has installed a flour mill in Le Bristol’s basement.

On a quest for the perfect, 100% natural loaf, Frechon approached the challenge with his characteristic attention to detail and reverence for craft. The three-Michelin-starred chef headed to the charming hilltop village of Cucugnan in the South of France to meet the master of ‘living bread’, baker Roland Feuillas.

To craft his living bread, Feuillas begins by cultivating and harvesting his own organic heirloom grains of spelt, emmer and Khorasan—the same grains that Le Bristol’s bakers grind into flour each day.

The flour milled from heirloom wheats is far more delicate than industrial varieties, requiring the baker to be more attentive and ‘listen’ to the loaves. They cannot rely on yeast, which would alter the bread’s natural flavours. This nuanced process yields a dough that is rich in nutrients, and a bread that is uncompromising in quality.

A traditional mill in the heart of Paris

Frechon made it his mission to reproduce Roland Feuillas’ artisanal bread making process—from heirloom grain to exceptional loaf—right within the Parisian Palace. Feuillas graciously accepted Frechon’s invitation to train Le Bristol’s bakers, cooks and even the service teams, and the results of this noble collaboration are tasted at Epicure and 114 Faubourg every day.

Reclaiming a culinary heritage

Today, bread at Le Bristol is no longer a mere accompaniment to the Michelin starred cuisine. Today, the bread we make and serve is an elemental feature of our gastronomic identity.

Some guests come to Le Bristol Paris for the French elegance and the impeccable service, and some for the refinement and the Michelin starred cuisine. Others just come for the bread.